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01 August 2005 @ 04:45 am
Ahh, so no work's been getting done concerning the designs. No one's been showing up, except Arashi... which, all things considered, isn't too bad. Such a novice though. Hah.

So I've still got Kaori's email address in my planner, but haven't emailed her yet... I suppose I should, there's just... ahh. I'll email her and give her this journal URL. It'd be easier than updating her on everything to my recollection.

I think I might drop by Arashi's apartment now... Mm. Good plan. Hopefully I won't be back with a bruise on my face...
arashi_nagase on August 1st, 2005 01:03 am (UTC)
If your little NOVICE comment has anything to.. no, forget it. RRRG. Bloody hell! I'll bruise ya in OTHER places!
george_koizumi on August 1st, 2005 01:27 am (UTC)
...do with your incompetent skill at the sewing machine?


And if you do I'll send Mikako after you. It's her magazine I have to look good for.